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More from the I Heart Denver Store!

If you haven’t been to the 16th Street Mall in the Downtown Core of Denver you are in for a treat. Coming back strong from a low in the 90’s, this retail corridor has been revitalized with the likes of H&M and other international fashion brands.

I Heart Denver is different from those in some ways, only offering goods made or designed by local artists and entrepreneurs. While also fitting in with the larger retailers by stocking cutting edge style at a great price.

Currently carrying R+G’s Canvas Wrap Prints alongside Karvt iPhone/iPad covers, handmade totes & bags, and brightly colored furniture. Over 100 talented Colorado artists are represented on the walls and shelves in medias like sculpture, oil on canvas, and screen printing. Clothing and home goods are also well represented here.

The shop dog, Denver Picard Schimek, even has a place in the corner of one area. His food and water bowls waiting for him to return from a walk at the dog park. This adorable pooch is somewhat of a star: named Best Shop Dog by local publication Westword recently, he is also as model in a “D is for Denver” portrait, and even has his own Tumblr!

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